Monday, December 31, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I miss a month and look what happens!

Whats all this about a Magic Chicken Diet?

Already there seems to be a fog of misdirection involved in this new diet, and it is interesting to note the style of those who support / run it.

Rather than simply stating that they have nothing to do with Kimkins, and leaving it at that, the posts and comments I have seen have been a mix of little attacks on those who would query it, and a lot of unnecessary self-explanation.

However, if this saga continues, it will provide a wealth of chicken ideas for my graphics, along with, perhaps, some spin-off diets:-

The Magic Mushroom Diet (you don't lose weight, but imagine that you have, and that you are now a small oak twig.)

The Magic Marker Diet (you draw, on your body, the outline of how you want to look.)

The Magic Eraser Diet (simply rub out the parts you don't want.)