Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kimkins back on Google adsense

I wonder if she just re-applied, and Google didn't spot she'd been removed?

I've written to again, lets see if a human writes back instead of a computer.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just for fun!

When I found this cat pic I just HAD to add certain things...


Monday, October 8, 2007

Asian Kimkins blog!

Found this today -

Can anyone read Japanese / Korean or whatever it is? I've no idea whether it is pro, anti or on the fence.


Chinese medicine, anyone?

While I have a great respect for many alternative medicines, Chinese ones included, I can't help but wonder how this alleged Dr Mark (see Kimkins Dangers) will be of help to Kimkinites. Unless......


Saturday, October 6, 2007

In Kimmer's Own Words

From Once Upon a Diet (Thanks, Princess!) I was inspired to make this little animation. If it doesn't show in the blog, click the image to see it in all its glory:-


I seem to have upset a Kimkins supporter.

Remember the tongue-in-cheek website I put up, allowing my readers to put forward their own suggestion for when would finally bite the dust? Well, it has been quiet for some time now, but this anonymous entry arrived in my mailbox today:-

"when your arse grows hair"

It couldn't possibly be from Heidi herself, it is much too succinct, and it seems to be an original statement - unless it has been translated from an old Russian joke book.

Anyway, for the sake of completeness, I'll add it to the Results page.

Dosvedanya for now,


Friday, October 5, 2007

Contacting Google.

This is the address I wrote to, explaining the uncertainty of the Kimkins diet, and pointing out that Google adwords brings up Kimkins adverts when you google Kimkins. Lets see if I get a response.


Added Saturday 6th - I got an automated response from Google, and to "Rest assured that we've received your message and we'll respond as soon as we can."

Borat has found love.

While trawling the Kimkins blogs, I found this one - Borat Does Kimkins. It seems that at least one person has found love and luck thanks to Kimkins!

I enlarged one section of the post and saw this:-

Surely a coincidence?


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Heidi left Kimkins fast!


New Kimkins owner?

Kimkins is under new management, according to Kimkins Exposed. Yet, Kimmer is staying on as an adviser. So she will still have a finger in the pie, so to speak, yet in theory, perhaps, she thinks that her new position might keep her off the hook as far as litigation goes?

She doesn't seem to realize that if you run someone over in a car, moving across to the passenger seat doesn't make any difference when it comes to court.

Heidi / Kimmer was at the helm when the health of members was damaged, she was at the helm when the fake images and success stories were added, and she was certainly at the helm when she claimed she had lost 200 pounds in under a year.

However, she is still in a position to influence the new owner (if indeed there IS one), so I think we can all look forward to a continuation of the incredible soap opera that is Kimkins.


A wonderful work of fiction?

I'd be surprised if this success story is real. It is much too contrived, too scripted. Furthermore, the face in the "after" photo looks a tad.. dare I say .. Russian?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New pictures!

This is the latest from Kimkins, showing what seems, at first glance to be a genuine pair of before and after photos. The alleged story is below.

"Hello, my name is Lulu, and I want to thank Kimkins so much! Because of your incredible diet plan, my life has completely turned around! I was spending too much time comfort eating, due to all the stress of ruling a barbarous planet, and my weight had skyrocketed! I started only a terrestrial year ago, spending many weeks on VLCD (eating only one mortal enemy a day) before slowly introducing carbs back into my daily intake. Your diet is fantastic! In only 12 weeks, I lost over 500 pounds, and could see my tail again! I found my skin tone improving too: the wrinkles gradually vanishing, and the putrid jaundiced color slowly turning a healthy pink. Six months into the diet, my hair grew back and, to my surprise, so did my legs! Finally, after a month of fasting on egg whites my tail fell off, immediately bringing my weight under 200 pounds! I was overjoyed at how well your fantastic diet was working! Even my own mother no longer recognized me! I could now wear clothes from regular shops instead of having to take over whole textile industries! I really cannot express my thanks to Kimkins too much! Her diet showed a new "me" that I never knew I had! I am more than a new person, I am new species! Nowadays I live in a quiet suburb of Moscow, where I am not well known, selling talkative robots on eBay."

I have my doubts about the veracity of this, but it seems no more implausible than many of the other success stories I have seen.


Look, we KNOW that Heidi and Kimmer are one and the same. Sheesh.

Kimmer's words, which I found on Kimkins Dangers.

I cut out the piece I wanted to comment on.

"What a sweet note! The problem is that I am not Heidi. If you read my post earlier, I took Heidi's identity (if you want to call it that) when I first started posting on the internet. It was new and scary to me. I have a national security clearance and wasn't about to give any of MY information on a public source."

Kimmer, if this was to do with your job at Hughes Aircraft, then the security clearance she mentions would only apply to THAT company, and any military or other sensitive information she may have been involved with. National security clearance does not require you to keep personal information completely to yourself.

And fyi, I have signed a similar security clearance from when I worked in the nuclear industry. It didn't stop me sharing personal info, as long as I didn't mention things like "The plutonium is stored in that building over there."

Anyway, all this aside, I'm sure that a court of law would be able to find out whether you were indeed Heidi K. Diaz or not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kimkins on television.

Well, is this the beginning of the end?

Click on, then select "News", as shown in this pic. The Kimkins article should be near the top.

I don't know what to add. It's almost the culmination, playtime is over, now its time to sit back and let justice take its course.

What I thought was SO beautiful is that KTLA will do a follow-up article tomorrow, discussing the legal proceedings now in place and ready to go. Will CNN et al leap onto the story?


Kimmer removing the "evidence"?

I love looking at the psychology of all this...

Tippytoes does it again. This post has been discussed on a couple of blogs that I know of, but the last two sentences struck me as interesting:-
1) I want you all to not be afraid to see positive changes being made.
Putting aside the murdered grammar, why would Tippy think that Kimkins members might fear "positive changes"? What has happened that she thinks could cause fright and alarm? Does she think that all the sanitizing and photo removal could make the members think that they had been lied to, that they had been conned? Perhaps she is afraid that they may suspect that the site is about to shut down?
2) This only means we are here to stay and getting better all the time.
Oh, that is what Tippy is afraid of. So she added a rousing ending, almost a battle-cry. "C'mon, troops, lets all pull together! We shall vanquish the heathen!"

I maybe wrong, but the winning side in a war (I might as well carry on this analogy, as Tippy herself mentions it in her post) doesn't generally need much in the way of pep-talks from the leadership. The average soldier can see when they are winning, and doesn't need to be told.

I also love the way Tippy likes using very emotive words - terrorism, hazzard (sic), war, hacker, etc. Get the emotions to over-ride logical thought. To quote one of my favorite bands, "Free thinkers can be dangerous."



"I personally see entering the cult and the deprogramming as quite separate psychological phenomena. Getting into the cult consists of the cult recruiter getting the new initiate to stop the thought processes, to think only in cult terms and concepts, to stop thinking about their past and to give them a [narrow] frame of thought... The deprogramming process is more a freeing up of the person to once again use their mind and to reflect and think and reason and to trust their own experiences." --from a 1979 TV show, Thy Will Be Done.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Reading only part of a senten

Have you noticed that when a person is truly desperate to prove something, their reading ability seems to decay?

Tippy gives a great example here, when trying to define "terrorism". Her paraphrased version goes like this:-

"So for them here it is, straight from Webster’s dictonary(sic): “Terrorism. the use of force or threats to intimidate”."

Nope, wrong. The actual definition at Webster's goes like this:-

The systematic use of violence as a means to intimidate or coerce societies or governments."

It continues:-

"The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property in an attempt to coerce or intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious or ideological objectives."

.. and:-

"The organized recourse to violent and illegal acts with the view to creating extreme fear, social dislocation, intimidation, heavy destruction or governmental disorganization, for political, extremist or personal gain."

Nothing being done against the Kimpire is even remotely violent or illegal. Nothing.

Just for fun, I can't help comparing the happenings at with how, for instance, Atkins might react in similar circumstances. If serious flaws were suggested in the Atkins diet plan, how would they react? Would they gloss over it, sweep naysayers under the carpet and pretend all was rosy? Would they allow personal messages between board members to be placed on an insecure messaging system? Would any board member take it unto themselves to send off threatening little emails to those who stood against them?

Nope. In fact, many years ago, when Dr Atkins' diet first came out, and was generally disbelieved, he took the case for his diet to Congress, along with reams of medical evidence, peer reviews, and more. In short, he provided a scientific proof that his diet worked and was safe.

We have to ponder why this has not been the case with Kimkins. A properly researched diet would have facts and figures to support it: there would be medical proof, not hearsay, that it worked and didn't harm anyone. All we have are "success stories" and testimonies** that could have been written by anyone, dead or alive. Which brings me to another point - the infamous "before and after" pictures. These were obvious fakes which disappeared from the Kimkins site soon after they were found out.

In short - does any reader know of a reputable company that would operate in this fashion?


** Yes, there have been some success stories - but at what cost to future health? See Christin's video here. And she is not the only one seemingly with health problems from following Kimkins. The only genuine long term success stories come from those who did Kimkins short term. Something else to ponder.

Not a hack.

My tongue-in-cheek post on Saturday about finding a way into kimkins forums (titled "Ooooooh!")" was simply a joke link to a GIF file (see still of it below). I have neither the ability nor the wish to hack any websites, even Kimmer's.